I have never been to Australia. I understand it is a beautiful. Melbourne is called city the cultural capital of the continent. According to Expedia…”Melbourne is also known for its rich migrant influences, particularly those expressed through food: the espresso cafés in Lygon Street, Melbourne’s “little Italy,” or the Greek district of the city central… The city is the site of some of the nation’s most prestigious schools and universities, and nowhere is it more important to have attended the right one. In a country whose convict ancestors are the frequent butt of jokes, Melburnians pride themselves on the fact that, unlike Sydney, their city was founded by free men and women who came to Victoria of their own accord.”

With all said, Australia is the home of Tessuti Fabrics. Tessuti is based in Sydney and recently opened an additional store in Melbourne. I found this wonderful retail site and blog on the Internet. The business appears so vibrant and classy. It makes you want to shop and create nothing but beautiful items. Fabrics stores have a hard way to go in the United States. Most have gone to selling quilting materials and supplies while the allotment of fashion fabrics becomes less and less. Tessuti sells only apparel fabric. They have Tessuti fabric labels that go along with your purchase. So classy.


Tessuti has an online shopping store. They purchase fabrics from all over the world. It is currently winter in the southern hemisphere. the stock offerings give you a good preview of what we will see in US fabric stores this coming fall and winter. Take a moment to look, armchair travel and maybe make a really long distance online purchase.


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