Home at Last

Originally uploaded by SoulNoir

Last week on a normal morning, Cleo left the house for her morning constitutional. The day proceeded and I worried because it was so very warm out. Night came and still no Cleo Ann.

5 days past. It was in the midst of a heat wave. Daily average highs were in the upper 90s, with high humidity. I was frantic. Each morning I would sit with the front door open waiting and hoping she would return. Each evening, I cried when she did not return.

Cleo is 13 years old. I finally came to recognize the fact that she is more ill than expected. Maybe Cleo has gone to leave us for good. I started to prepare and obituary as part of my last cry. I wrote it and sat it aside.

Monday morning, 7 days after her disappearance I got a call from my neighbor. She returned from a short trip to find Cleo locked in her garage. She is home. I rushed her to the vet. They she is in amazing condition. Another life of a cat had. I sat the obituary to the side. I don’t need it now.

I am blessed that Cleo Ann is home at last.


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