Union Station, Chicago

I decided to take a fast little day trip to Chicago last week. I wanted to get away briefly and go to Vogue Fabrics. It was June Sale.

My chosen transportation was the train. It is a leisurely ride leaving at 4:30 am. I hoped there would be no rain, but I went dressed and prepared. Upon arrival, I was right in the middle of downtown at Union Station. This is a wonderfully historic building. The steps of the Grand Hall looks so much smaller compared to the scene in movies. I particularly remember the scene from the Untouchables. The baby carriage rolled down the steps for what seemed an eternity. I observed the dress of people in downtown Chicago. Ah, now this is where business clothing and business casual clothing goes. This is where you see women wear the tailored trousers, tailored shirts, pencil skirts and great sandals or peep toe shoes. Because of the threat of rain, there were commuters in cute rain coats and a few in Welly type boots. Ah, this is business dress of today. I work in a high school building, that up to this year has not even had uniforms. It is every man for his self dress. It is not pretty and you develop some pretty lousy dress habits. I’m sorry, St. Louis is not known for stylish dress.

After an early lunch and a little window shopping, I meandered to my destination, Vogue Fabrics. The main store is in suburban Evanston. I chose to not take an additional train going there, but to go to the south Loop store on Roosevelt Rd. It was so good to be in a real fabric store. No furniture, no toys and best of all a staff that knows what they are selling. Everything was so reasonably priced for the sale. The selection was very good. It is nice to be able to feel the fabric before you buy. There were not some of the special fabrics I would like to have seen, although they would certainly have been more pricey. I understand that the Evanston store has more of that type of selection. I was still enamored with the experience, although I will venture to the Evanston store next trip. I am looking forward to seeing Vogue Fabrics at the Kansas City ASG in September. I will be doing some fall fabric shopping.

Next post I will go through my purchases. There is a story there.


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