Journaling in Color

I journal incessantly. I have gone through several evolutions over the years, but they are always a combination of day planner and visual journal. Not being in the best of moods the earlier part of the year, I did not use color on my journal pages. This was a big departure for me. As life began to right it’s self, I began to miss the color in my journals.

I love the texture that a painted page background can bring to a journal page. I use printed papers sometime as well as bits of ephemera. Teesha Moore does some fantastic visual journal pages. I have long admired her work and incorporate small items. It is a style I consider strongly in your face. My pages incorporate only small touches of her style. Lately, I have been impressed with the work of Genine. Her pages have just the perfect amount of white space and are very much a combination of day planner and visual journal.

I am loving the return to color in my pages. New supplies and ideas abound. there are always inspirations to be found. Look to magazines, other visual journal artists, television and what bits of life’s ephemera are placed in front of you. 


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