School’s Out for the Summer

I have been waiting with baited breath for this experience. Never in my adult life have I been off for summer vacation. 6 weeks off is amazing to me. I have put off so many little things in the past few weeks in anticipation of this moment. My to do list is getting pretty long for a mere 6 weeks. The time will fly I am sure.

I have no big trips planned. I think it is out of fear I have not set aside ample funds for a trip. The other reason is you never know if someone will change their minds about bringing you back to work. It is a sign of the times. It is right to be cautious. I am not going to let the caution ruin my time. Regardless, I have things to do.

For one, I have to break in a kitten. Her name is Simone. She is only 6 weeks old. My goodness she is the ever ready little bunny. I fondly refer to her as the “tiny tot”. As I write, she is practicing her newly acquired gallop and slide on the hardwood floors. My other cat, Cleo, is 13. She is befuddled. I can just hear her asking, “Why is it still here? When is it leaving? Why does it want to play with me?” The hope is that Cleo and I both survive Simone this summer. Photos of Simone later… when I can catch her standing still.

My to do list includes a lot of sewing. I want to work on not only adding items to my wardrobe, but improving certain skills. I am staring with the current issue of Vogue Pattern Magazine to perfect the pant crotch. I like flair and loose fitting pants, but I need for the crotch to fit appropriately. That will be accomplishment number one. Additionally, I want  to practice a few couturier skills and seam finishes, from Claire Schaeffer. Some things should become second nature, whether the pattern instructions mention it or not. 

Lastly, I need to develop a few Zen Habits. It is a wonderful site that has some recommendations on how I can stay motivated for exercise, cleaning and creativity. There are other things, such as the lawn, garden and home maintenance that need be addressed this summer. See, I don’t think boredom is an issue. School is out for the summer and I haven’t gotten busy yet!


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