What is an opera coat? 

Opera coat

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“An opera coat is an ankle- or floor-length loose-fitting coat of luxurious fabric such as velvet, brocade or satin, to be worn over an evening gown or a man’s tuxedo. It may be described as a fitted cloak with sleeves and is generally not as tailored as a coat.

magic_flute_full operacoat_group_coat operacoat_porgy_full operacoat_sheba_full

Like cloaks and capes, the opera coat is usually lined in a coloured expensive fabric such as silk or a weave like satin, for a more opulent look. An opera coat often has an elegant or dramatic collar and may have padded sleeves. It may or may not be trimmed in fur.”

I want one. I don’t plan on going to the opera. Thinking ahead to fall and I haven’t accomplished spring. My desires are not as grand as those of the Alberta Art Council, but grand for my life’s needs. It is required that it be a show stopper.  I admire the workmanship and imagination that has gone into these garments. They are works of art.


One response to “Opera

  1. nancy connelly

    I have one coat that could probably be called an opera coat. It is a very soft black velvet with a beautiful purple satin lining.

    The second one reminds me of the coat on the left bottom; sort of a blue fish rag coat. My coat definitely looks like I have been in the gutters, but I will not get rid of it. This coat may bring new life to it. I will let you know.


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