The Hancock Saga Concludes…

My local Hancock is a sad thing. I think it is the norm for a Hancock Fabrics store. The standards of fashion and variety just are not there. My expectations are not that out of whack are they?

The pattern situation is one that has been visited in the past. The last pattern sale was expertly arranged. I was so shocked. Simplicity, Butterick and McCall seem to be easier for them. Hancock has yet to reach proficiency with a Vogue pattern sale.

This weekend, Hancock had a Vogue $3.99 sale. Granted, new pattern offerings have not been great from Vogue. I have a lot of what I will use for summer basics in my pattern stash. Occasionally you just want to get a hold of a designer pattern or two, just because. Well, this is what I found. Same ugly ragged empty drawers. whole ranges of numbers were missing. I wanted a new Marcy Tilton accessory pattern. The range of numbers for the pattern was not in the drawers. It came out April 1. That is so sad. I came away empty handed. I don’t think I will ever put stock in one of their sales again. The Vogue pattern company last had a sale for $5.99. In stock is guaranteed.



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