Hancock Saga Continues

The saga of the love hate relationship with Hancock Fabrics continues. This past weekend there was a sale on Simplicity and McCall patterns. I thought I would look for a few basic summer silhouettes. I started sewing about September of last year, so there are not a lot of patterns of that sort in my stash.

 I was totally amazed. My local Hancock had cleaned up the pattern act for this sale. The drawers of Simplicity and McCall were organized, tight and tidy. Out of the six or so patterns I searched for, all were there in all sizes. Can you believe it?  I mentioned it to the cashier and she said, “We have someone who is dedicated to getting that straightened out”. A good job has been done.

April 30 will start the next Vogue pattern sale at Hancock. I hope that they are equally stocked and organized. Regrettably, there are not that many new Vogue patterns that I desire. The last crop of new patterns was a bit disappointing. Never the less, I will be in awe of a full stocked cabinet at my local Hancock. In consideration of the fact new Vogue patterns are $30, I will be taking a look at the sale and the cabinets.


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