MaMa Rene and the "Squeeze"

  Squeezing a garment out of a finite piece of fabric is an art at which my grandmother was masterful. Henriene Vincent, known as “MaMa Rene” could squeeze. She was a dressmaker by trade. I always remember her in the basement of the duplex behind a Singer sewing machine. MaMa Rene made some of the most beautiful formal wear and ladies suits I ever saw.

I have a habit of picking up fabric because  I like it and it is there. The yardage may not be there the next time. Good fabric is hard to find now days. When doing this you don’t quite have a pattern in mind. Yes, you know it will be a top or bottom, but that is the extent. I thought fondly of MaMa Rene when I commence to squeeze as much length as possible for a jacket. 

I am using a piece of Italian honeycomb textured cotton knit from Sawyer Brook. I love the fabric and wanted this as a spring jacket. The texture is fabulous. I managed to get a good amount of length and long sleeves. I have tired of every jacket having 3/4 sleeves. MaMa Rene would have been proud of this squeeze. I can hear her now, “Oh, they say 1 5/8 yards. A simply 1 1/2 will do. You just need to know how to  lay it out. Those pattern companies waste fabric.”


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