Art of the Mix

Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 was an example of mixing patterns. Shapes were basic seen before. There were wrap skirts, tiered flounces, tanks and wrap belts. The descriptions ranged from Mary Poppins to prairie. If you take them apart, there was art. There was the art of the mix and detail of fabrics. It is something that requires a second look. I don’t have the skills to combine varied prints and textures for this type of look. In its basic form it is the same skill used by a quilt maker to make an intricate quilt. I just don’t have it. The eye or the textiles at hand to play with. Is this something one can acquire?

I love the small print versus larger stripe. I am not into the hats. I think that spawned the Mary Poppins reference. Edges are bound with contrasting fabrics. color palettes are muted. I also love the balance of sheer and opaque. One top, not seen here, was totally sheer.

Here there is some color contrast and texture contrast. The simple tank is made of a textured fabric.


Contrasting bound edges, contrasting collars. Not so abnormal, but done in a different mix.

I would love Marc Jacobs for one thing and one thing only. Look at those cute little handbags!. Skill and style acquired. There is an art to the mix… Photos from, collages from Picassa.


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