Obamas in Europe

Three times this past week I started writing posts about President and Mrs. Obama in Europe. It went by so quickly that I was behind the news before I could finish. It was a world wind visit. I am looking merely at the fashion angle of the trip and could not keep up with that aspect alone. I decided, I will leave it to the expert fashionistas for commentary.

Overall, I think more thought went into the Michelle Obama’s wardrobe than into many businesses. That would possibly mean why she was more successful than many businesses.  Mrs. O has some stunning coverage on a daily basis. To glance back, this is one of my favorite shots of Michelle Obama. Here she is wearing a black satin coat by Jason Wu. What is the definition of an opera coat. I want one. The Cut did a retrospective of Michelle Obama’s fashion choices since the presidential lime light. A wonderful slide show.

My unprofessional opinions are positive for the most part. A few things I would not have tried, but we are not the same persons. She is Michelle Robinson Obama, wife of the President of the United States of America, Barack H. Obama.


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