Signs of the Times, again…

As I stroll the magazine racks, a few weeks ago I noticed a tattered copy of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion. It was the holiday issue. I knew then for sure that it was no longer published.  The Dec/Jan 2009 issue was its last. “Subscribers with issues remaining on their subscription term will receive Martha Stewart Living as a replacement. All Home Companion readers should have received notification via US Mail by February 1” per the Home Companion Website. As is usual, I didn’t see this coming. Publications are folding and merging with others every month. I’m sure it is not intended at me, but every other month, it is something. Shelter magazines such as this are hit very hard in a bad economy where people are not buying and selling homes. There is a very nice thank you note from Mary Engelbreit here, on her website.

Mary Engelbreit lives in St. Louis. I have occasionally run into her in ArtMart or Red Lead shopping for art supplies. I probably once said “Hello” in recognition of who she was. One less magazine to purchase in the course of the month.  The recession keeping me within my publications budget.

On a brighter observation, i am actually seeing realtor signs in the area. a few months ago they were all hand drawn for sale signs FSBO.


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