Hancock, Joann and April Table

Wow. I am not the only one with angst when it comes to big box stores being the only fabric stores in town.  Lindsey T. has had some interesting visits. She is so lucky, she is able to shop the garment district in NYC. It appears she visited a Joann when out of town that was nice in comparison to the one near her home. Just think, she mainly goes to buy patterns. Her rant sounds so much like my experiences in Hancock Fabrics. the ragged pattern drawers are the same. Joann is not nearby. I don’t want to make the excursion for fear I will be disappointed.

Hancock’s has an up coming Vogue pattern sale, April 9-12.  Vogue has new patterns coming out the first of April. 2. I will be flabbergasted if they have new patterns in the drawers. The Hancock sale is 75% off!  I still hold out hope. I must at that price. I already know that Marcy Tilton has a new pattern I would like to have.  I too hope that people from Joann and Hancock take the time to Google and see what customers are saying.

Each month I make a sewing plan. I call it the “Table”. It refers to what is on my sewing table for the month. The April Table has been set. I know I need work slacks and tops. I have come to love my own T-shirts and knit blouses more than most I will buy. I have made a dedication to improving my pant making skills. My idea of making pants was front, back, elastic waist and maybe a pocket. They were afterthoughts. Now I am looking at more “couture” in my pants. I made a  princess seam denim trouser using the Sandra Betzina pant pattern. It turned out really well with exception of making it a little large. I will make it again. I also made another Alice and Olivia. This time it turned out far better than the first. It is in a worsted gray. Erica Bunker made a beautiful Badgley Mischka pant. I have got to try it soon. Definitely I have found that using better fabrics helps.

Somewhere real soon, there should be an Easter suit. The time has creeped up on me for that outfit. It will definitely be made from stash. I have some dupioni I may use for that project. One of the many things I love about sewing is the ability to meet these little occasions of life with a new outfit.


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