Communications Upgrade

More than one person has laughed at the fact that I still keep a written appointment book. I love paper. I like the feeling of my hand on it. Over the past few years, my journal and my appointment book have become one. Each January I ponder what to use for an appointment book. It never makes it past January. It gets lost someplace in the back of my car. The appointment book goes unnoticed or is too heavy for my handbag.

I finally upgraded my phone to one that will act as a decent appointment book as well as a phone. I got a Samsung Behold. It has a touch screen. I have loved a touch screen for a long time. It is a great little phone. I chose not to have all of the data capabilities of email and Internet.  After living with it a couple of weeks, I am really okay with that part. I like the calendar, memo and texting on a qwerty keyboard. One of the best features is it can handle 16 gb  on an SD card. I can use any MP3 to make a ring tone. My current ringtone is Avishai Cohen, “Smash“. I like hearing my phone ring.

Appointments and the reminders I require to function are handled between Yahoo calendar and the phone. If it is on Yahoo, it is text to my phone. I can add appointments and reminders directly to my phone. There is also the possibility to write brief journal entries or memos. I can work with this little phone.

Presently it is sporting a black gel skin to protect it. There are a million aftermarket skins and case covers made to fit the phone. I can one day have a leopard print skin on the Behold.

As far as paper goes, my journal took an upgrade to the past. I went back to painting the pages. Life plans can still be found there. Journal upgrade and phone upgrade. Ahh, life is good.


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