Spring Sprung

 There are a few things that go along with spring break. One gets the opportunity of a leisurely three hour wake up. That is when you can spend the better parts of the norning reading the news online as well as watching on television. You can find wonderful new websites and visit others you have not visitied in a long time. It is the time to have that third cup of coffee and then decide to cook breakfast. All of this is possible wiwth spring break.

This is the time to paint your nails blue and listen to all of the old cds you ever wanted to listen to. “Bring it On” by Seal became an unexpected favorite for the week.  Before you know it the week comes to a conclusion. You look at your “A” list of things to do and wonder where the days went. In my case, I smile. I maybe did not get to as much of that “A” list as I would have liked to boast, but I had a wonderfully blessed week. Now that one bud looks like this.

Spring has sprung.



One response to “Spring Sprung

  1. missceliespants

    My nails are currently blue! I’m wearing Essie’s Sag Harbor. It’s perfect for Easter!


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