I want to do a Blurb Book. Blurb lets you self publish your own book. I want it to be a retrospect of past years in my photography. I am no Annie Leibovitz, (I ADMIRE her photographs) but I enjoy what I do. I have been slacking off as of late, but really need to get back in a regular swing. Milder weather of spring and longer days will be of aide to me. Another idea for a Blurb book would be my “What to Wear” journal. I could actually explain myself.

Looking at some old posts on Simply Breakfast, the art of Breakfast, Jen, has some wonderful Blurb books based the fantastic photography done  while chronicling her breakfasts. I have a friend, In2Jazz, that takes killer photos. He is destined to a wonderful book of jazz festivals in California. I want a copy!. So, a Blurb book it is. 

This little book will be my coffee table masterpiece. Blurb.


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