Disappointing Shop

Oh what a disappointing shop today. I went shopping for fabric to make a blouse to go with a simple suit. I am making this OOP Butterick pattern, 3916,  for an event at church next week. It is a simple shaped jacket that calls for a simple top. I thought I could find a print to make a simple shell. It would be all about the print. Just a little peek under the jacket.

There is a dearth of fabric stores to choose from locally. I headed out out to one of the two possibles, Hancock and Joann’s. Those are in fair distance of home. Both of them entail a freeway excursion, never the less. The Joann’s appears to be closed or I was lost. The Hancock had a horrible selection for just a simple item.

All alternatives are online. Fabric shopping on line has become a big business and a staple. Granted, you have to become somewhat savvy in interpreting a photo and description in lieu of the actual fabric. Some vendors are better than others. Most vendors offer samples at a cost. You need to find recommendations. There are places for that as well. I miss the opportunity to feel the fabric before buying and buying at once.

In course of writing this post, I have calmed a little after my disappointing shop. At least it was a sunny spring like day. This evening I will commence on my suit. At some point I will find the blouse to set it off.


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