On My Mind

…Trophy Jacket. I need one. I have been eyeing wonderful little Chanel jackets that other seamstresses have made. The construction is akin to a cardigan sweater and that is intriguing. Surprisingly I don’t dislike the fact of handwork at all. The lining of the jacket is actually quilted by hand to the outer shell of boucle. Although it is by outer appearance refined it is very unconstructed and casual. I see it in a maize boucle with pearls, white T-shirt and jeans.

I am also thinking about the term “conscious jazz”. I first heard it used in a review of the new Courtney Pine, “Transition in Tradition- En Homage A Sidney Bechet)”. “…many of his compositions and recording projects have held a focus on social rights and justice as seen through the prism of the black experience.” It is released this month and only available as an import. If anything like his previous work “AfroPeans”, it is wonderful and a must have. Many of the same players have joined together for this work.

I am considering the cooking of the weekend. I am inspired to do a Saltimbocca I never tried and I have a taste for Tiramisu. Ah, an Italiano feast.

Thoughts are keeping me very busy today. Yeah, it is the weekend.

*****Update: I found Courtney Pine on Napster. I was so shocked!


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