Hancock Vogue You

Dressmaking patterns are the result of hard work and detail. I admire one who can draft an appropriately fitting pattern. There is no more frustration than to use a pattern that is not true to the intended look or size. You waste time and resources. Consequently, patterns are very expensive. The big fabric retailers have patterns on sale at reasonable prices on a regular basis. Every sewer waits to buy patterns during those sales. It is the way. It is done. My frequented Hancock Fabrics store finally had Vogue patterns on sale. Vogue patterns are on sale less frequently than the other of the big four, Butterick, Simplicity and McCall.

Pattern prices are phenomenal. It is nothing for a Vogue pattern to fun $25 or more. There is something to the fact that when they are on sale they are $3.99 in store. Vogue Patterns mail order has sales of patterns at $5.99. Everything is going up in price during this time of recession. Normally the pattern drawers at Hancock are disheveled during a pattern sale. One wonders if anyone has opportunity to restock during the two or three day sales. Sizes and styles are missing everywhere. The last sale this weekend, hit a new low. It is mid February 2009 and there were no new 2009 patterns to be had in the Vogue pattern drawers. There was no pattern catalog for 2009 on the counter. I ask, “Are you going out of business on Vogue Patterns? You advertised them as on sale this weekend.” The answer was, “We have Vogue. What we have back there is what we have.” Is there a reason to theoretically hold out on new patterns until the sale is over?

The lack of choices of good fabric stores is disheartening in my town. Internet fabric shopping is often the way to go for variety and quality. As a consumer you wait and tend to the sales to patronize your local stores. After all of that, you still cannot get what you want. I am not one to complain to the sky and not an audience. Others have felt my pain. Yesterday, I contacted Hancock Fabrics via the web to share my concerns. I hope someone at least responds.


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