Another DoooooDad

When I first got Office 2007, I was able to blog directly from Word into WordPress. I have gone back and forth with the WordPress phenomenon. I decided to give Word 2007 a go again. I am using a different machine and copy of the software. My major reason for trying it is that I don’t like the small editing window for WordPress. Sometimes I want to type and see what the heck I am doing before I publish. I am so much more accustomed to the Word interface. Yeah, I’m a PC.

Finally, I got it going again. I believe the major reason for difficulty is I was using the wrong password in setup. That is what you call a middle age brain fade moment. I deal with others and this phenomenon all of the time. It happens. WordPress says not to expect formatting done in Word or Windows Live Writer to carry over to your blog post. That is alright with me. Everyone is a proprietary word processor. Inserting tags and hyperlinks are very easy so it is all good. Inserting pictures is another story. I store images on my own domain. Now, if I can do this from the confines of the 9 to 5 domain, I will be tickled red, black and green.


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