My Reality TV

I don’t watch a lot of television. I doln’t watch a lot of reality television, although it is the popular thing now. The impression is that people have run out of what to do with themselves and have found that viewing others inadequacies is the way to entertainment. BravoTV had the first reality television that I found entertaining. Project Runway and Top Chef are two of my favorite shows.

Top Chef is at the end of it’s current season. I am on pins and needles to the finale. Chef Carla Hall isin the finale. She is a graduate of Howard University Business School. Carla is a  graduate of, L’Academie de Cuisine. The finale is talking place in New Orleans. It is a city famous for it’s very special food. I have hopes for Carla Hall winning the competition. She is top Chef in my book already. 
The as-yet unaired sixth season  of Project Runway was filmed in Los Angeles rather than New York. The season was filmed at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. The finalists showed collections at new York Fashion Week on February 20, 2009. Not one episode of the season has aired because they are still in court about who owns the rights to the show. Is the owner Lifetime TV or BravoTV or someone I don’t even know. I know this, I miss my project Runway.

On with the Mise en place and back to the sewing table.


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