Grammy, 2009

Although my music avenues have been stifled with the demise of MOJA at XM Radio, I have had opportunity to hear a lot of the Grammy nominated jazz music this year. there are several I have not had opportunity to hear, that I will make it my business to investigate.

Last year was a stellar year for jazz music at the Grammy’s. Who can forget the album of the year award for River: The Joni Letters, by Herbie Hancock. It was a mega surprise to many. This year, I have a few favorites in my ownership as well as some I am looking out for:

  • Miles from India- Various Miles Davis alums along with Indian musicians doing Miles Davis
  • Loverly- Cassandra Wilson
  • Crystal Sea- Danilo Perez

It is my intention to listen to Pasqua, Caribbean Jazz Project, Yellowjackets and Corea/Burton. Go to Jazz News for an extended list. I realize the Grammy broadcast will not include many for the jazz categories, but  I look forward tot he program. I will be listening to my play list while the ceremony goes on.



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