Martha Moves to Anthropologie

I feel as though Martha crafting in the office has moved to Anthropologie (store I love to hate). The absolute cutest banner topped their recent email. It stated in part…” Like any extended family, the Anthropologie home office has its very own eccentricities and traditions—or what we like to call “Anthroisms.” Ask any employee what her favorite Anthroism is, and more often than not her answer will be the Cardi Party…The Cardi Party dates back to late spring 2007, when a group of designers and buyers returned from their trip to Asia highly inspired by the eclectic style and cozy sweater layering on display in Tokyo boutiques… “It got us talking about the kind of sweaters we’d want to wear around the holidays,” recalls sweater designer Carrie. “We were imagining the perfect ‘party cardi’ and that segued into making your own cardi at a party.”

…the team wasted no time gathering new and old sweaters in need of some TLC. Invitations were then sent to colleagues, encouraging them to spend the afternoon away from their desks, crafting and creating. Thirty people, two dogs and several sewing machines converged in a conference room brimming with pizza, music and every doodad imaginable…”

Can you imagine getting a work invitation like that. I just don’t work in that type of environment. It sounds so Martha. I hate to say, it sounds great.


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