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I Wasn’t Supposed to Love it..

I wasn’t suppose to love the now defunct “Blue Print” magazine. I was not in it’s demographic. I looked forward to the layouts and the choices of furniture and decoration. I am sure I should be more of an Traditional Home person. Nothing for my mother’s bohemian child there. Now I find that “Domino” is going under as well. This is again because of the freaking economy.

I liked Domino. Now what is left in a modern shelter magazine. I cant think of a thing.

tandthousetour08.JPGOn a brighter shelter note, I got to see a spread about the designing twins from HGTV Design Star, Teman and Teran. The come from a background of architecture and interior design. Their apartment is fabulous. Really like some of the ideas it has to offer. Now all I got to do is get up and execute a few. At least I am looking. I am overdue for a rehaul around here.


Lagerfeld, Caution

It says : “it is yellow, it is ugly, it does not match anything, but it could save your life”.

That is Karl Lagerfeld  wearing a yellow reflector vest over his usual uniform. This priceless image, is Lagerfeld’s way of asking the people of France to be conscious of road safety. The image is from France’s road-safety awareness campaign that started July 2008. The yellow vest and a reflective triangle will be mandatory for all drivers and cyclists in France.

Do They Get a Bail Out?!?

Hartmarx files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection…

Apparel maker Hartmarx Corp, the maker of Hart Schaffner Marx mens clothing  filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing a substantial drop in demand for its products and an inability to secure financing. The Chicago based suitmaker said discretionary apparel purchases have dropped sharply, particularly at luxury price points. It is seeking court approval to continue operating, while it pursues alternatives for its business. 

Hartmarx makes the suit of choice for our newly elected President Obama. Shoppers started asking for the Obama suit — the navy blue, worsted-wool, two-button suit that Chicago’s Hartmarx tailored just for  Barack Obama. The Obama suit is  single-breasted, 97 percent worsted wool and 3 percent cashmere. The pleated pants have an inch-and-a-quarter cuffs. Hart Schaffner Marx, at 121 years old is the largest suitmaker in America.

There is a major difference in men’s versus women’s clothing. No matter how much J. Crew can revel in the Obama women wearing their brands, it evidently does not do the same for Mr. Hartx owns and produes other apparel in addition to  Hart Schaffner Marx, such as Palm Beach,licences for Burberry men’s tailored clothing, Pierre Cardin, Dr. Martens, and Jack Nicklaus.

Maybe Obama can save a suit maker while he is at it.

Now this is a Calendar

Thinking of creative calendars when one journals, this one from is fantastic.

Today, I Like

I am liking the fact that there is only one more day to the week. My weekend is already over planned, so it will go by all too fast. On one day alone I am supposed to go see a show and my monthly Journal Salon. There is a show both days. This is entertainment overload.

One thing I need to do is to work on my fourth quarter mix tape. There is music I bought the later part of last year that I have not copied, labels or put in the car. Some of it I do really like, i.e Miles in India. The double-disc set features jazz veterans such as Gary Bartz, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, and others collaborating with Indian musicians like percussionist Badal Roy and pianist Louiz Banks on a set of Miles Davis compositions.

Today I am liking “How to Be an Explorer of the World” by Keri Smith. I thought it hysterical that it was categorized as creativity and housed in the children’s section of the bookstore. I think the children section thing is what threw me. Each page, in Smith’s style, is a prompt to exploration. There are things such as:

  1. An object documentation log
  2. View finder exploration
  3. Travel History
  4. Found paint
  5. Recording various types of consumption

The titles in the list do not do it justice. Get a copy and try it out.

The other thing I am liking today is the continued positive conversation concerning our first family and the inauguration of Barak Obama. More to come.



At least every six to nine months, I try to transition with the rest of the world to a blog. I have so much information dear to me on my self made pages at It has a lot of sentimental value. It is January again, and I am going to try to make the transition.

There was a time I thought I would never successfully transition from Front Page to Dreamweaver. I managed the transition and it has been good. By no means am I a certified web designer as a result, but oh how much did I learn. I love my own URL and pay for it dearly each month. Yes, my own domain.

My present goal is to run the two parallel for a month or two. This may be the way to go with transition. Let’s see how it works out. I am not against trying.