Off the Wagon

SofaAs fast as I start into this project I have occasion to fall of the side of the road. {I am sure that made sense}.  I have not posted in a few days. That pesky little cold caught up with me. During that time, I had to vow not to post anything about Top Chef. It’s not the only thing on my 1330963967_f5994076d1_o1.jpgmind, but dang I wanted to say something. I have opinions.

In the interim, I have had another decorating frenzy. While in Montreal I saw a beautiful tufted velvet Settee. It was a near cross between a settee and a chaise. The tufted back was really elegant. I found it in the states at Target!  I went back and forth wondering if it would be the settee of my dreams. Would it replace the sofa? Would if be substantial enough, but have the airiness and newness I desire. Well, after spending the weekend on the sofa with a cold, I decided I would need something a bit more substantial. I want it to last at least 8 years. The settee could be too trendy.  So the chaise (settee) frenzy started in Montreal has subsided. I am back to looking for a sofa.

Ohhhhh. How about this one I saw on decor8? This is impressive, isn’t it?


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