its been a really long time im not sure if ill continue but at least i got my fit back in the damned log in door.


rebellion is…

To quote the French philosopher Albert Camus  “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

The details

No matter what they say beauty is on the details. As i continue another month into my art journey I’m reflecting on the details.  i need to leave white space because I have a lot to say.

I’m still trying out various color schemes and styles to establish my own. I’m sticking with acrylic mostly. I could see my veering off into water colors in the future.   At this point  it’s all about the acrylics.


Bright colors are very much on vogue right now I’m trying to stay away from those just not quite my style. I’m making slow progress on drawing faces. I’m hoping they can become more expressive and  not just a hot mess. i also dream of matisse acrylics. Pam Carriker is a  big inspiration for me.


scannable document on sep 25, 2017, 8_26_36 pm

The best thing about a journal is it’s yours you can be the boss. It’s a good life with goals, successes, failures and joy, where the  writing and space is as important as the paints.


Ladies in blue

I have some very rudimentary ability to sketch presently I’m working on expressive , not realistic portraits I’ve seen them teferred to as representational portraits

I’m representing and this ain’t no Kardashian.

Sunrise, sunset

Sunset in Saint Louis county

I used my phone tonight. I was leaving with my camera accidentally made a setting change I could not figure out how to undo. So I left the camera and moved on. I left being frustrated behind

I suppose that’s what is called living in the moment.

Look at me

I’m officially out of the funk that prevented me from creating the past few years

Im inspired Enough so that I’m sharing things are evolving so will my art. It was pretty fulfilling in my past life It’s important to me now . My creative outlets have been limited to food and cosmetics. So creativity never left me.

Understand my life’s fights have tried to go for my bones. I’m in a new edition of life now and slowly but surely making the most of it


The sign of June

The Meeting

Look who I met . Hanging outside in the yard .  Nesting atop the electrical meter. I looked because I’d made note to self last time I was in the yard to take a broom to the ratty looking nest. The nest looks much better with her in it. I chose to leave her there.  That way I feel I can at least offer some protection from the thuggish cats in the neighbor hood

Just short two weeks since I initiated this post. I call her Byrdie. Not very creative name but I check daily to see if she’s still there. Women have it hard. We must persist

My work for women kind.

Mission taco joint

I stopped at mission taco on a whim for a fast lunch  with a friend mid week. Not everyone is retired and can be leisurely At mid day.  I quite enjoyed it, the prices were very reasonable and the flavors were fantastic.  You can experience a lot of variety in just a few street size tacos .